The New life

Hi guys Im Tanya a 12 year old girl who lives in Windhoek Namibia ……I am sitting in the airport right now writing this . We are now leaving life as we know it to start a new one (god knows why )

When I say we I mean my Mum , my half brother Tony and my self.
I will never forget the day I got told we were moving to New Zealand I thought my life was over as we know it .
I am to young to get this fully . All I know is I cant go to the same school anymore, wont be seeing my friends everyday , That Tony has been in this massive mood since we heard and that I will need to get on three different plains and only arrive there on the 31st of this month.

The anouncment just came on we are ready to board tears are streaming down mum and Tonys face I don’t know what to think

Its the 31st now the flights were long and I’m over tired we arrived at 1.30am in a city called Christ church it is beautifull


Its the 6th of January now tomorrow is Tonys birthday

I just arrived in a town called Invercargill mum calls it home but we call it the relocation program. its a nice place but I miss my friends

I better get sleep start

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