transferring journals so people can read :)

Woke up this morning in Fort Smith, AR this morning. Alyssa, BJ and I had drove for 12 hours or so yesterday starting from Louisville now to Arkansas and the final destination is LA. It was a long and exhausting ride with creepy gas stations, weird people begging for change and good conversation and half of the mix tapes I made working. So far so good and it continues on.

It just hit me last night how nervous I am for Korea. For 6 months or so it has been an exciting adventure fantasy that I can not wait to jump on but last night was a different story.

BJ and Alyssa shared a bed while I slept in the single bed alone and as they fell asleep obviously the room grew with silence which gave me the time and space to ponder. Here I was in this bed alone which is no different than any other night in my own room. But in my room I can hear my mother’s TV blaring from her room from some dramatic reality tv show or my sister cussing someone out or Dani and her boyfriend talking about video games or dragons. Tonight I experienced a bit of inner peace of relief from the constant domestic dysfunction it felt odd so I immediately decided to worry about leaving my wallet in the car and the part of town we are staying in and of course Korea….

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