Life is hard. When your trying to stop someone from killing themself to that annoying brother that is obsessed with computers and games. Another unfair thing the most fake girl that was ‘my best friend’ just joined my theater club. Not to mention shes flirting with your best guy friend. Ahhhhhhh why can’t things ever get better. But still have to deal with it because life is life and life my friend is hard.

3 thoughts on “Unfair”

  1. We could be twins…. Im going through the same problems right now, well not theater club, mnes writing class. But are problems are identical. Stay strong

  2. When your older, You’ll look back to the people that meant the world to you now and you’ll ask yourself why you wasted so much of your time on them then. People come an go ya know.

  3. Thank you both for commenting i hope your life starts getting better dreamer. Thank you for the advice Bee

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