Since I turned 21 years old this year I decided to try and be strong. My parents never taught me about the outside world like how to open a checking account, get a drivers licence, or get a job because I didn’t have a laptop when I was in high school. They gave me one when I got out of high school which was a bad mistake because my mom refuse change. She was upset with me because I was talking back at 18 and that’s when she stopped buying me stuff. This year I decided I wasn’t going to be treated like mess when I wasn’t in high school by my parents. I will not go back to college looking like a look what the cat dragged in. The only thing my mom help me with is my medicine hair,some personal items,financial aid, and food. I am sick and tired of just sitting here waiting for them to realize and say “Ok my daughter is 21 and we going to help her get a permit, checking account, and job”. Today ima try to fix my computer by going to Best Buy or go to JCpenny and get some clothes so I can go this interview next week and get me this sales job. Although I am having a hard time I won’t be looked at as a nobody or failure. I am through with trying to make other people proud instead of myself. Also ima search for a apartment too because it’s like since I didn’t get a scholarship and go off the college I’m on my own. There are other ways to get a scholarship not just in high school. This is my life not my parents and ima show them just like it is.


  1. You are not a nobody nor are you a failure – and I’m pretty sure no one will ever look at you in that way as long as you have this ‘I’m taking control of my life attitude’. Good for you. And I commend you for not sitting back and allowing life to determine your destiny. One step at a time, and I know you will get to where you want to be in no time.

    And hello PW, a pleasure to meet you!!

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