YEPPIE!! My Dream Came True!

Woke up in the morning. I felt like giving up on my dreaming there was hope again. And today is the day I can give it a try again. So I woke up and got ready to go to bank to deposit money to Kiribathgoda. Because it’s Sunday and other branches are closed. Thank goodness the bank was open when I went there. I came home and booked the ticket online. There were two seats left on tomorrows flight. So seems like I am gonna fly to Dubai tomorrow. Wow! It all happened so soon in a way that I didn’t expect.

I double checked all my stuff and yeah, I was ready. I had a wash, painted my nails. Refreshed my playlists on iPod.

We left home around 9.00 pm. The flight is at 1.55 am. Urgh. What am I supposed to do till then? I went to coffee bean where Chill is working. But it was his off day dammit. Asela and Damith were there so I talked to them. Had a chocolate milkshake and a bun. Walked here and there for a while. I am exhausted and I just wanted to sleep. I was freaked out a little cause this is my first time. Anyway there was actually had nothing to worry about. It all went well.

I can’t believe I still have this cold for more than 3 months now. It won’t fucking leave me. I had a hard time breathing inside the flight. I couldn’t fall asleep as well. So I watched the amazing clouds. Is it weird if I say the clouds can turn me on? Hahaha… Yeah. I am so much in love with clouds I dunno why. I tried to take a picture but it was night so I couldn’t. I could see all the tiny moving vehicles and the buildings, roads and all shit. It was pretty amazing. Man,… there are so many things I haven’t experienced and this is the beginning. Kinda excited. 😀

I landed in Dubai at 5.05 am. Aaaaaand, my dream came true!… 😀

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