Her jacket

Today was an ok day I guess

Tried to keep my mind off of her as much as I could. Read, drew, and watched a movie. I even cleaned and cooked for my mom.

But to cook I had to go to the store and buy the meat… that’s where I saw her… its my fault I should’ve known she was probably working today. I tried to ignore her best that i could. No eye contact was made or anything.

She asked for her jacket back… little does she know that jack the only thing that helped me get to sleep last night… what am I gonna do now…

Gave her the jacket and offered her some of the cookies I had with me. Again no eye contact was made and not a word said. I could feel my self about to cry so I walked away. Grabbed my bike and fought the tears the best I could. Just few house down it became too much, through my bike to the ground and dropped to my knees and cried.

Guess it finally hit me.

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