Funny Acting Ppl

Ppl will be your friend and all nice to you when you have a baby the moment you don’t wanna go out with them or you dont feel like doing something for you…all the nice things stop they stop coming over and seeing da baby they dnt call and check on the baby NOT THAT ANY OF THAT IS NEEDED BUT YOU DO SEE THAT DEY DNT DO IT ANYMORE!!!

To me friends don’t find themselves not giving a fuck about you or your baby

But anyways sometimes i find myself feeling alone when me and my husband have an argument…he my only friend so when we get into it I can’t talk to him about it I just have to calm myself down n hug my son til we back talking

#Many ppl come n go for a reason but real love is within yhu n ppl who really love you

One thought on “Funny Acting Ppl”

  1. Some of your friends probably don’t have babies, so they don’t really understand why you don’t have time for them. Maybe you should try to hang with couples who have babies, as for your husband, having a baby causes stress, so just remember things will get better.

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