spooky saturday

Hello again!
thought id bring this up…have any of u ever had a tarrot card reading done before?
ive had one done and the exact opposite happened . i never trusted a reader again.
i figure i will brave it again and have fun. maybe not take it SO seriously this time. I almost wouldnt of even asked to do it again if it wasnt for what my mom told me. The reader we will be seeing doesnt use the “regular” cards…she will be using the regular 52 playing cards. never heard of that and figure i will try it out.
pretty excited but always a little scared. im kind of hoping my grandma will come through. i miss her a lot since she passed. my life was turned upside down that monday morning.
but thats a whole different story.
just thought id see if any of you have heard of using the 52 playing cards before?

hope you r all having a good night…or day depending on where u r.


One thought on “spooky saturday”

  1. I’ve never had a tarot card reading, but I’m a weirdo who believes Harry Potter spells and such exist, so I can’t say anything. So sorry about your grandmother! I’m not real close to either of my grandmothers, but I can’t imagine them gone.

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