7 thoughts on “is it…”

  1. I’m a little scared to know what you mean by that. If you’re being funny, then YES, it is the end! If you’re actually depressed, no it’s not the end, you need to see someone. I’m going to hope its the former.

  2. kids dont burden u at all. in no way sgape or form do i feel trapped or regret. my children r more perfect than i can ask for. extremely smart…beautiful…polite…gifted…loving….funny and fun!!!
    but u do miss a lil ME time. even something as simple as showering IN PEACE! hahaha. or even brushing my hair….i dont even get to do that every day.
    abd emmi….no problem. i love talking and i love that cute lil place u were interested in. did u end up getting it?

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