I’m starting to move on, and it’s becoming easier as the days pass. It’s still hard seeing him at school and thinking about him. I love him so much, but if he doesn’t want to be with me, I can’t make him. He will either come back to me or not. I have to deal with which ever situation may occur, whether I want it to happen or not. I’ll find a guy eventually who will only want me and treat me like a real princess. Until then, I’m just going to stay single and flirt, unless someone really special comes along, but I doubt that will happen. If Shane wants to talk to me, he can talk to me. I’m not the one walking away from everything, so I don’t need to keep trying with him if he won’t even talk to me. He will regret what type of girl he lost and he’ll never find someone like me. I’m immature? That’s funny because everyone else around me thinks I’m a cool ass bitch, so I don’t know what you don’t see? Oh wait I’m not allowed to do whatever I want and I actually want to see you do something with your life. Oh that’s right! Gosh oh Gosh! OH ME. How dare I try to help you. I’m done trying and giving my all to get fucked over and heart broken every time. I don’t have to sit here and deal with this shit when I have the choice to walk away. HE pushed me to this point to where I don’t want to keep trying, so the day he comes running back to me and finally realizes what he lost, it’ll be too late because I’m not coming back. If you completely change into a better, more trustworthy person then maybe there is a chance. I’m not the one that should be given another chance when I did my part in our relationship, you should be the one begging for another chance. You couldn’t except who I really am and that’s why you walked out. Well fuck you. There’s a guy out there looking for a girl like me and when we find each other, I’ll remember how much better than you he is. I’m not sorry for anything I did through out this whole relationship because I did nothing wrong. I’m not blaming anything on you, but I’m not saying it wasn’t you. I’m just saying I didn’t do this. I wasn’t the one that decided to leave. Good luck with your life because you aren’t going anywhere fast. I’m not waiting for you if all you are going to do when you come back is fuck me over again. I’m sorry but I don’t deserve that shit. 

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