a horrible day every can relate to

wat a horrible day i had when nothing went my way all i wanted to do was die but that was just my anger talking …today i took a day off school to finish my homework n when i did i starting reading a book time flew by n atlast i got bored i went on with by daily boring routine of household chores as my mom has cancer i need to work out how to maintain school with my household life…. i am 15 n i do everything a mom can do (cook,clean..etc) some might call it child abuse or child labor but over the past 3 years i hav learn wat ever i do its for my own good its like training to be responsible however in my exams it gets exhausting but i am getting through it well thats all for today see ya later

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  1. Life’s tough when you need to look after your mum, i know how you feel. I too looked after my mum from a young age and still do. I also found it tough to concentrate when i was at school. my mind was always elsewhere or I was just far to tired to be able to do anything. I was cleaning all the time i wasn’t at school, cooking for her and the rest of my family, picking up after them and doing the dishes. Washing the clothes and then doing the ironing. Food shopping and paying the bills. I had a lot on my plate for my age, so I understand why you are feeling the way you do. It might help if you spoke to your mum, to tell her how it is taking its toll on you. That it’s too much pressure for you to handle during these important and busy school times, as next year will be even worse, as it will be your main/real exams! Maybe see if your mum will agree on getting a carer to take over some of your duty’s, or if you and your mum aren’t comfortable with a carer coming in (I know I wasn’t, I didn’t want anyone to interfere in our life’s, nor my mum – she’s to proud) maybe make a rota, so that you can easily sort household busy home times will your busy school times. Maybe only do lite household duties during the week, like hovering/sweeping the living room, cleaning the side boards and just placing dirty clothes in a laundry basket and taking out the trash. You don’t need to clean the entire house till the weekend. As then you will have more time to do the more of a thorough clean around the house, as its very time consuming. Take some of the more challenging and time consuming ‘tasks’ away until the weekend, when you are more free. Of course Cooking is the one thing you can’t change, as everyone has to eat. Unfortunately that one will just have to be done, whether we like it or not. But don’t forget too make time for yourself, its important you do, as trust me, you do need to get out of the house. I didn’t want to or think I needed to, till I realised how much of an impact it made on my mood and the way I felt. I felt a lot more happier, and more relaxed. I didn’t feel like I was the mum. That it was not my duty to do everything a mother would do. I just realised/remembered that I am doing this out of the kindness of my heart, and that I love my mum far to much to see her suffer if she had to do it all. I think maybe If you could sort out something like this, to try help. Just take away the more time consuming tasks you do around the house (other then cooking) and leave then till the weekend. This way you will have more time to do homework, or just relax. Even if it means doing your homework while spending time with your mum watching a movie… At least you will be comfortable. Trust me once you get the bulkier stuff out of the way, you will feel like a lot of weight has been lifter from your shoulders. Maybe even try finding a young carers group/support near your area, I did this for a while. They made sure that all ‘young careers’ got together once a week and just did fun stuff. It was nice at first but It just got a pain in the arse for me in the end. I felt too old to be there, but the online support was nice. To be able to just talk thing thorough with someone confidentially was nice. But if you want, I am always here. Come talk to me whenever you need to. I will always be happy to listen to you. I hope this advice works a little bit. Best of luck with the future xx

  2. I can relate to some of what you are going through. My brother had cancer three years ago, but he is now in remission. I’m fifteen too and I do the same chores, but, maybe a little less of the cooking. I hate having exams and midterms and studying for them. I go to this high school which is called SOAR (students on academic rise), which is a high school and you take some college courses too. It is a lot of work. But what you think that the classes at college are hard, but they’re not, it’s the high school classes that have to be watched for. But I’m sorry for you’re mother. Hope you and your family feel better.

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