First Ever Humans?

Transition           from Fourth To Fifth World: The “Thunder Beings” Return

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

At the Native American Star Knowledge Conference held in South Dakota           in June, 1996, senior Oglala Sioux spiritual elder Looks-For-Buffalo           (Floyd Hand) revealed that ancient prophecies are now coming true. These           prophecies, heralding immense changes for humankind, point to the imminent           return of the Star Nations, what the white man would call extraterrestrial           cultures.
The Hopi, Sioux and other tribal traditions hold that at this point           in history, we are about to transition from the current pattern of civilization           to a radically-different way of living. This change is so profound that           it is called the passage from the Fourth (current) World to the Fifth           World! By “world”, the native traditions refer to a slow gradual           rise of the human population to a period of widely-shared cultural and           technological high civilization. The implications of these indigenous           teachings are staggering. For this means that we humans have gone through           three previous Worlds, in which our ancestors rose to a peak of civilized           living, only to crash back to a primitive level.
From halfway around the Earth comes additional corroborative information.           Mac Ruka, a Maori spiritual teacher, has toured America at the behest           of his Maori people to share their ancient history. Ruka tells of a           civilization, Mu, from which the Maori came. This civilization once           reached ascendancy in the Melanesian Pacific, before it destroyed itself           and its island empire sank beneath the ocean. Fragmentary memory of           this empire still resides in the mythic history of the West as a place           called Lemuria. And what of that other high civilization, Atlantis,           which the Greek philosopher Plato stated he learned about from Egyptian           historians? Were Atlantis and Lemuria the Second and Third Worlds which           the Native American oral histories refer to?
If our present “Fourth-World” high civilization is about to           fall and be swept away, we would do well to learn from the history held           by these native teachers. For, as philosopher George Santayana has said,           “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”           Let us examine in more detail what those master keepers of oral tradition,           the Hopi, reveal about our previous Worlds. [1]
The First World was called Tokpela (“Endless Space”). The           First People understood that although they had human parents, their           real parents were the universal entities which had created them through           their parents: Father Sun and Mother Earth. Each learned that they had           two aspects: as a member of an earthly family and clan, and as a citizen           of the great universe. Gradually the First People forgot to respect           their creator. They began to use the vibratory centers of their body           [chakras] only for earthly purposes. They began to perceive differences           and separation between people and animals, and between different ethnic,           linguistic and religious groups. The animals began to draw away from           people. The First People began to divide up and draw away from each           other. They became warlike and fought. The First World’s fatal           flaw, then, was forgetting the unifying Oneness of all creation.
But there were a few in every group who held to the original spiritual           enlightened path. These were directed by Spirit to migrate to a special           underground location. Then, the First World was destroyed by fire: volcanoes           erupting and fire raining down from the sky, until there was nothing           left but the few faithful people inside the Earth.
After a long time the world cooled off, and a Second World emerged.           There was land where water had been, and water where land had been.           When the faithful remnant emerged from underground, there was nothing           to remind them of the previous wicked world.
They emerged into the Second World, Tokpa (“Dark Midnight”),           a big land. The people spread across the land. They communicated telepathically.           But this time, the animals stayed apart from them. As the Second World           people developed material goods to barter, they became greedy, and traded           for things they didn’t need and became avaricious. They began           to quarrel and fight, and wars broke out. The Second World’s fatal           flaw, then, was absorption in greed and materialism.
But again, there were a few people who kept faithful to the path of           spiritual awareness. And, again, Spirit directed these people to go           to a safe underground place. Then Spirit commanded the twin entities           who safeguard the Earth’s North and South Poles to leave their           posts and stop keeping the Earth properly rotating. The Earth teetered           off balance, spun around crazily, and rolled over twice. Mountains plunged           into seas with a great splash; seas and lakes sloshed over the land.           Then the world became cold and lifeless, and froze into solid ice.
Eventually, Spirit ordered the polar entities back to the ends of the           Earth’s axis. With a great splintering of ice and a shudder, the           Earth began rotating again. The ice melted, and the world warmed to           life.
Spirit created the Third World, Kuskurza [meaning lost over time][Mu?],           arranging land and seas, mountains and plains, and all forms of life.           Then Spirit sent a message to the few faithful people underground that           it was time to emerge. These survivors multiplied and created great           cities, eventually countries, and a whole civilization. But then they           became completely occupied with their own earthly plans. They created           craft shaped like a shield that could fly, and used them to fly to big           cities and attack them. Soon many peoples and countries were engaged           in aerial warfare. These Third People also engaged in degraded sexual           practices. The Third World’s fatalflaw, then, was misusing flight           for aerial warfare and misusing sex for promiscuity.
So Spirit directed the few people who lived according to wisdom that           they should build vessels and store food in them. Then rainwater was           loosed all over the Earth. Waves higher than mountains rolled in upon           the land. Continents broke asunder and sank beneath the seas.
Meanwhile, Spirit directed the faithful survivors to travel first to           one, then to another island, until finally they reached the Fourth World,           Tuwaqachi (“Complete World”). After they had hopscotched across           the islands to arrive in the Fourth World, those islands sank into the           sea.
That Fourth World is this present world we live in. The survivors spread           across the broad lands, and gradually began building up the high civilizations           which surround us today. Since this Fourth World is the one we have           grown up in, we are aware of the behaviors of those in it. It can accurately           be said that, after an initial time of fidelity to the path of wise           consciousness, many have fallen into a low level of consciousness. In           fact, it can honestly be stated that many people of this Fourth World           have fallen into the fatal flaws of the three previous Worlds: forgetting           the Oneness of all creation, sinking into greed and materialism, and           engaging in promiscuity and aerial mass warfare. But we have added an           additional serious element: mass destruction of Earth and its ecological           systems. Thus, the Fourth World’s fatal flaws are: all of the           previous Worlds’ ones, plus ecocide, the killing of one’s           own environment.
And now this Fourth World is coming to an end. Some of the signs indicating           this are: extinctions of plant and animal species; poisoning of lands           by toxic materials; pollution of the seas; and thinning of the upper           atmosphere, “ozone holes”, letting in excessive ultraviolet           energy, which in turn is killing plant life, causing cancer in humans,           and die-offs of phytoplankton, the source of 90%of the oxygen necessary           for life. Global warming is destabilizing climates, and upsetting the           ecosystems that plants, animals and humans live in.
As the Fourth World careens towards its end, a major new factor is entering           the equation: a widespread series of contacts by various extraterrestrial           cultures with human individuals. What are these extraterrestrials communicating           when they make contact? They express grave concern for how we are killing           our planet and therefore ourselves. Their concern extends to the warfare           we are almost continually engaged in, and the other forms of violence           going on: including people allowing whole populations to die of starvation           or disease, while affluent countries stand by. The ETs want us to take           responsibility and turn these situations around, before it is too late.
But the extraterrestrials also have come to make us aware that we are           not alone; and that our rightful place is to be participants in the           larger, cosmic family of intelligent peoples spread across the universe.           But first we must eliminate our fatal flaws and reorder our lifestyle.           We must live with consciousness of our oneness with all creatures, and           with the Creative Source. We must lay aside our greed and materialism,           and learn to live more simply and without undue attachments. We must           reject promiscuity, and exercise love with consciousness of the sacredness           of sexuality. We must set aside aerial mass warfare, and begin to settle           differences by diplomacy, by setting good example, by positive peer           pressure, and by empowering all peoples. We need to start treating Earth           and its ecosystems like our Mother, with respect and cherishing.
As at the end of the previous Worlds, there will be a faithful remnant           of this Fourth World who will survive, while the others perish. The           Hopi Prophecies say what will happen soon. World War III will be started           in the East. Much of the United States will be destroyed, land and people,           by nuclear weapon radioactivity. The Four corners area around the Hopi           will be preserved as an oasis, to which refugees will flee. But what           about those elaborate underground shelters which FEMA [2] has been secretly           constructing for the elite to survive in during the coming Earth Changes?           The Hopi Prophecy says that underground shelters are a fallacy this           time. “It is only materialistic people who seek to make shelters.           Those who are at peace in their hearts already are in the great shelter           of life.”
What will the Fifth World to which we are headed be like? The Prophecy           gives a brief glimpse of what is in store. “Those who take no part           in the making of world division by ideology are ready to resume life           in another World, be they of the Black, White, Red or Yellow race. They           are all one, brothers [and sisters].” As for this Fourth World,           “Material matters will be destroyed by spiritual beings, who shall           remain to create one world and one nation under one power, that of the           Creator.” The Prophecy goes on to declare the stage we are in now.           “The emergence to the future Fifth World has begun. It is being           made of the humble people of little nations, tribes and racial minorities.           You can read this in the Earth itself. Plant forms from previous Worlds           are beginning to spring up as seeds. The same kind of seeds are being           planted in the sky as stars. The same kind of seeds are being planted           in our hearts. All these are the same.” [3]
We are entering the time of Great Purification, as Earth prepares to           transition to the Fifth World. This is a period of Earth Changes: major           earthquakes, tidal waves, many volcanoes erupting, land subsidence,           emergence of new land, climatic changes, disease pandemics, and widespread           starvation. Catastrophes of human origin are also in the offing, including:           warfare involving weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, rioting           and looting, collapse of monetary systems, and forced migrations. As           with the previous Worlds, there will be those who want to cling to the           old ways of the Fourth World and resist the need to change. We see them           all around us now. And just as surely there will be those who seek to           live in harmony with the rest of creation. Sensitive co-existence with           other life is not ecological romanticism or fuzzy metaphysics. It is           recognition of the true extent of family.
During this transition more than ever before, each of us is being called           to serve the Great Spirit, that Center of Consciousness from which everything           derives its being. Each of us has an important role during this Great           Purification. We need to help find ways for nations, races and tribes           to put aside differences, and join together for the good of everyone.           We need to help plant and animal species survive. We have to bring to           an end the pollution of Earth, and return to our proper role as caretakers           of Earth’s ecosystems. We need to lay aside the “success”           lifestyle of greed and materialism, and learn to adopt a lifestyle of           “just enough” and “good enough”. We need to move           away from the twin follies of promiscuity and puritanism, and learn           to reverence sex as the delightful yet sacred activity of appropriately           joining opposites to create a higher truth. And we need to lay aside           the weapons of war, and operate with that compassion, understanding           and economic justice which make for peace.
Where ultimately is this human voyage through a succession of Worlds           headed? The Prophecy says that at the center of the universe, there           is a place where all the nations originated. It is in the Star Nations           galaxy. Before we arrive there, we will transit through nine Worlds.
Native American tradition honors the existence of Thunder Beings. These           Thunder Beings are understood by Native Americans to be messengers from           the powers on high, the Star People (extraterrestrial visitors). The           Thunder Beings are a force for both dissolution and re-creation. In           the Plains Indian tradition, a person who has a visit by a Thunder Being,           in person, in vision or in dream, becomes a heyoka, a “contrary”.           [4] This heyoka then customarily soon starts behaving in a way opposite           to the conventions of the dominant culture. The heyoka does so, precisely           in order to wake up society to see that there are other and fresher           ways of doing things. Thus, the heyokais the human counterpart of the           Thunder Beings, who repeatedly dissolve the existing order and fashion           a new arrangement from the pieces.
As we transition from the Fourth into the Fifth World, it occurs to           me that not all heyokasare Plains Indians. Some have yellow skin, others           black, others white. These heyokas of every color are experiencers,           and have been changed by their experience of extraterrestrial contact           by messengers from the sky (Thunder Beings). As modern-day heyokas,           experiencers are charged to live as active witnesses against the ignorance           and corruption of the Fourth World, and to live as witnesses of the           Fifth World which is emerging. In doing so, modern heyokas honor the           Thunder Beings, the extraterrestrials, who have come as cosmic midwives           to help us birth the Fifth World.
And there are others, too, who have not had a personal extraterrestrial           encounter, but who are actively helping humanity move towards cosmic           citizenship, and helping usher in the Fifth World society. These are           heyokas as well.
In Winter, 1996, high in the Rockies west of Fort Collins, Colorado,           a Star Visions Conference was convened by Lakota-Dakota spiritual advisor           Standing Elk. There numerous speakers talked about our imminent transition           from the current Fourth World to a new Fifth World. On the evening of           November 9th, Conference ceremonial leadership switched from Native           American males to the women. A Cherokee grandmother recited Crazy Horse’s           prophecy about these very times, as the Old Age (Fourth World) closes.           Then, after a series of moving prayers and ritual declarations, the           grandmother elders made a startling official ceremonial declaration:           the old era (Fourth World) was ended, and the new age (Fifth World)           was being born! A joyous explosion of tumultuous celebration broke out           all over the conference auditorium. After a half-hour, the grandmother           elders were finally able to call the conference back to order. The elders           then declared that this new Fifth World would have as its hallmark the           attributes of positive feminine energy. They explained that the Fourth           World, which had been hallmarked by male energy dominance, had had its           time, and made its contributions. Now that World is passing away. The           grandmothers pointed out that the Fifth World being born must not be           one of separatist female dominance, but rather one of forming a renewed           society of women and men as equals. Fifth World society is shaped by           the feminine paths of cooperation, nonaggression, inclusiveness, noncompetitiveness,           service rather than dominance, use of psychic and spiritual gifts as           well as technology, and living in conscious harmony with nature’s           ways. [5]
The next morning, a major Colorado newspaper, the Rocky Mountain News,           carried the story that “a bold group at Estes Park Center [Star           Vision Conference] had declared an end to the current era and the beginning           of a Fifth Dimension [World] reality.” Word of formal declaration           of the birth of the Fifth World was beginning to spread out to the wider           society. This process will take time. But it is important to realize           that the Fifth World has already begun. Just as the Period of Purification           which will end the Fourth World has already begun. During this painful           but exciting period of transition, each of us must stand up and choose:           status quo, or helping usher in the Fifth World.
Finally, permit me to share with you a personal Thunder Being experience,           and then my understanding of the role of heyokas in the Fifth World.
Some years ago I did a hanblechia (vision quest) in the desert near           Death Valley. During my isolation, I was presented with a image of a           Thunderbird formed by the shadow of a cloud on a snowfield atop a nearby           mountain. The image remained a long time, then finally dissipated. The           skeptical part of my mind at first tried to minimize this event. However,           an hour later another identical Thunderbird image appeared on the same           snowfield, and persisted a while. I could not escape the implication           for my vision quest: a calling to the path of the heyoka. Later my encounter           with Star People confirmed this heyoka journey.
Any and all of you who choose to work to bring in the Fifth World are           in my opinionheyokas. Recognize your calling in your behaviors. And           then let’s get down to work in fashioning this Fifth World. The           negative power of the Fourth World cannot be annihilated. It can only           be transmuted,by being confronted by the simplicity and cosmic consciousness           of the Fifth World’s midwives, the heyokas, you (if you wish).           We are not alone in this task. The Thunder Beings (ETs) have come to           awaken us, test us, and help us transmute. As heyokas, our role is to           confront the Fourth World’s negative energies, channel and transmute           them into cooperative, spiritual, nonaggressive, inclusive, noncompetitive,           service-oriented, dominance-rejecting, psychic, highly-conscious, natural           and harmonious energies.
As we do so, and thereby evolve forward, the vibratory rate of the biological           and consciousness energy fields within us increases. I have noticed           that people of like vibratory rate can “hear” and feel each           other’s inner consciousness level. And here is a miracle. A higher-vibrating           person (or heyoka, if you will) is like a tuning fork, tending to create           a higher matching (sympathetic) vibration rate in others around who           are functioning at a lower (Fourth World) vibratory/consciousness level.           Just like a soprano’s high note can cause a crystal glass to vibrate,           heyokas can cause Fourth Worlders around them to tend to increase their           vibratory rate. But Fourth Worlders have choices. They can go along           with the higher vibratory/consciousness rate, and transition into the           Fifth World. Or they can resist and, like the glass, “shatter”,           as their outlook is increasingly dissonant with the emerging Fifth World.           If they remove themselves from all contact with Fifth World people,           they may buy some little time, but in the end they will still have to           choose.
As for the heyoka midwives of the Fifth World, recognize that your role           is in harmony with your fundamental way of being, and is therefore unavoidable.           Therefore, I encourage you to operate at your highest vibration, and           help usher in the Fifth World.
[In a following article, Dr. Richard Boylan will explore some of the           aspects of what this Fifth World will look and operate like, which is           now being created.]
End Notes
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