A Prayer

I know I came home from work early. And I know I have a baby due in September of 2014. I don’t know how I am going to make it through. I am a tad bit stressed but less stressed this pregnancy as compared to the one I miscarried in Oct. of 2013. I want my child to be safe, and to just make it! 🙂 I DO NOT want to loose another. Tell me what I have to do , and what I need to do! God forgive me for my sins, and save me. I give you my life to do with it as you please! Please protect my child and I. Please allow me to keep this one. Please bless me. I want to show him/ her you and how to do right and trust/love Jesus. I can not thank you Lord enough for blessing me with another pregnancy. I’m ready to grow up, mature, and be a good mother. Please relieve my stress!

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