I Hate Skiing

I went skiing a few days ago, since in Chicago there’s enough snow.  we had an hour long lesson, since none of us knew how to ski.  It was one of the most painful things I’ve ever done.  We had to wear ski boots, which are built to been tight around the ankles so you won’t sprain them if you fall and because the skis are long and narrow, it’s hard to get up when you fall, which I did…. several times:(.  on the bright side, the instructor wasn’t too bad looking and he maintained positivity even when I continually needed his help getting up, and when I quit half an hour in the lesson:)

Its so cold here, I don’t know how people can live, kudos to you, California Dream:). Who cares if it’s not New Years yet?


6 thoughts on “I Hate Skiing”

  1. It’s not that it’s an awful sport, but my feet were dying, I was drenched in sweat, and my body ached so badly that while I was trying to get the skis off, I was crying, on the verge of sobbing. I really hope I didn’t turn you guys off a perfectly good sport, but for me, skiing is one of the exceptions to the rule “try it, you’ll like it”.

  2. I love it and have been doing it all my life sense I was 18:) Have not done it in the last 10 years due to age and bad hip and back. If i didn’t have a bad hip or back I would be out there skiing:) Sorry to hear you were hurting later. I guess different sports for different folks:) What sport do you like?

  3. I did a summer camp at the Louisville Tennis Club when I lived there. I also like volleyball. But I’m not on any teams, since not good with people. I’m very competitive, though.

  4. I also did alot of horseback riding. And when in school I was on a softball team. But i like hard ball which i grew up playing with my Dad and brothers. i still get out there with my brothers and play catch. My sister loved tennis and played it all the time.

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