Im being nosey, but i’d love to know!

I want to know people crushes! Whether they are anime, actors, fictional charaters etc.. I would like to know. Either post a comment telling me or post it up :)

A couple of mine are:

– Robert Shehan (Actor)

– Joe Gilgun (Actor)

-Nathan Young (Character from misfits – portrayed by Robert Sheehan)

-Edward Eric (Character – Anime)

-Joe Dempsie (Actor)

-Sid Jenkins (Character – portrayed by Mike Bailey)

-Jack O’Connell (Actor)

-James Cook (Character – portrayed by Jack O’Connell)

-Nico Mirallegro (Actor)

-Finn (character – portrayed by Nico Mirallegro)

-Chop (Character – portrayed by Jordan Murphy)

-Ian Somerhalder (Actor)

-Jake Bugg (Singer)

-Alex Turner (Singer – Part of Band, Arctic Monkeys)

-Terry Hall (When he was younger) (Singer – Part of band, The Specials)

– Simon Lewis (Fictional character – Book, T.M.I series)

-Cain Hinchcliff (Fictional character – book, Tallulah Casey series)

And my one woman crush is

-Lauren Socha (Actress)

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