“Fuck It”

So there I was, smokin a bowl, and trying to think of the perfect subject title for my new “journal”. It’s so frustrating because I had so many damn good ideas literally 5 minutes ago but the moment my hands touch the keyboard they vanish, what’s up with that? whatever. So, instead of trying to remember all of my most likely stupid title ideas, I’ll tell you about some aspects of life that need to be spoken about.

Does anyone ever hit a point in their life where they literally just say fuck it? I’m pretty sure I hit that point like two days ago. I don’t know, I was just sitting there having super deep moments and thinking about life and all that crap and I just kinda..stopped. Anyone reading this probably is about to exit out now and go to some really interesting journal about the crazy weather or how some kid went sledding today. Well, if you are the one, and I mean probably the only one, still reading this, well thanks I feel very honored.

ANYWAYS, yeah so pretty sure I hit my “fuck it” point a couple days ago. And honestly I don’t care that much to explain to you what that means. I’m sure everyone has plenty of “fuck it” moments in their lives and there’s the big “fuck its” and the little “fuck its” like should I eat this quarter pounder from McDs? Fuck it, lez get fat. Or, am I really about to not study for my exam tomorrow and almost die from alcohol poisoning tonight like every other college student? yeah, fuck it. Soo many fuck its that we all deal with it’s INSANITY. Seriously though, since I’ve hit my “fuck it” point I really do not care one bit about what I say and how I say it. So I am about to tell the world, or whoever the hell decided to actually read this, what I think about how stupid, yet beautiful our society is.

1. First of all, why the hell do all of you have some deep stupid profile name like “dark rose” or “LiveYourDreams”? Like really? Seriously people. I get that we’re the generation of technology and all but come onnnn. Just put your freakin name for christs sake! Honestly, I get that a lot or all of you have some deep turmoil going on deep inside you and that you’re mad at the world for you problems and you want everyone to know. I got that too. It’s this disease that just eats at your brain and never lets you enjoy anything am I right? I’ve dealt with all that psychiatrist therapy stuff. I know. But for the sake of our society just use your damn name. Like the mystery is gone when you start writing in an online public fuckin journal. There is no mystery in “I Love Cats” or “scars are healing”. Like we get it. I would just like to know that you are an actual human being.

2. Since my previous little rant was a little mean lets write one on a lighter note shall we? About a week ago my roommate convinced me to go the the pet adoption place in our town. I’ve never really been fond of going to pet adoption centers because you have to stare at all those poor helpless animals in those cages. It’s like walking through one of Sarah McLachlan’s animal cruelty commercials. god those things are sad. But somehow my roommate got me to come along.

I fell in love. I have never felt a larger need to help or to do something for someone like I had at that adoption center. I wanted to take every animal there home with me. It brought tears to my eyes. However through those tears I saw a lot of people. Honestly a way larger amount then I thought would be there. It was so nice to see these people here. Some were not even there to buy the dogs or cats, they just came every day or any spare day they had to keep these animals company. To love them. Well of course I ran to the front desk that second and signed up to volunteer there. After that I took a dog out to play. Her name was Sheryl. Just Sheryl the pitbull terrier. And she was so full of life and love. You would’ve never have guessed she spent most of her locked away in a cage. The next day I went and Liked thee adoption centers Facebook page and saw that Sheryl had been adopted by what looked like a pretty nice family. Sheryl deserved a family like them. I don’t know, but it just reminded me that at least some part of society still has some compassion left within them instead of going to breeders where they make more dogs to be then put back again into the adoption centers. So stupid.

3. Ah numero 3. What’s it going to be this time? A rant? yeah probably.

Alright so ladies, I have never been the type of gal to be all girly and what not. My best friends from home are guys, I go paintballing annually, and I own a xbox and play COD in my free time (if you don’t know what COD is I am sorry you were a deprived child). Anyways, my question for you is why can’t you guys just be real? Really, it’s not hard. Don’t get me wrong, I think makeup is one of the world’s greatest ideas but that is not what I’m saying. I mean, why are we all so mentally broken into thinking that we need to all lie every single second of our existence? its so exhausting. If you’re a girl, you’re probably thinking you are pretty fuckin real and that I’m just some bitch. I mean cool kudos to you but you’re most likely really not. and i’m not, and your moms not, and your damn grandma’s not. I bet you at least once today you held in your stomach eh? Don’t lie, as for me, I do it so often it’s a natural thing and I’m pretty sure I do it all day but it’s so programmed into my stomach fat that I don’t notice it. You’d think that if we held our stomachs long enough we’d all at least have some type of muscle there right? God works in mysterious ways….ugh. Another lie we all commit at least once, or probably numerous times; YOU PICK YOUR FUCKING NOSE. When you were younger you always stared and laughed at the weird kid who picked his nose in class, admit it ladies, when you’re alone you do it too. Like how could you not? I think you’d explode. Oh god and the one lie I hate is when girls say they’re always themselves. Like no you are fucking not. Five seconds ago you were telling me you wanted to stay in tonight and eat a lot of junk food with your hair in a bun and chill but then the second that super hot douche bag, or that girl that for some reason has you whipped into following her every move asks you to come out you and be a drunk, wild maniac you drop that junk food like it was yesterdays garbage. I really could go on and on about all the lies we do and trust me I am not saying I don’t lie. It’s just who we are. But even so, ladies try a little and actually find out the true you. Maybe let your stomach out a little or don’t buy that bra with the extra padding, just be you.

Ah and with that, it’s past my bedtime. For all of you out there who probably already hate me with my lovely potty mouth and very unsugar-coating way of speaking, have a lovely evening and an even better tomorrow. See ya around.



2 thoughts on ““Fuck It””

  1. I read the whole thing because of what you said about some people exiting out. To your first rant, people have the right to make their username whatever they want to. Some people don’t want to put their real name. Second one, yeah, animal shelters have sad dogs, but the breed of dog I have isn’t well known here, so I had to get him from a breeder, it’s not right, but I have my dogs fixed so they don’t bring more into this world. Third one, yes, but who wants some cute guy to know how disgusting they are? Once a guy is in love with you, then you show your revolting unladylike habits, and he’ll be so in love, it won’t matter.

    Long comment, I hope you’re not mad at me

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