What’s new? Well you probably don’t care, granted I don’t think anyone does because if it doesn’t involve them, they really could care less. If it doesn’t help them in any way then what’s the point, right? I mean who cares about my well being, apparently no one does. Because if they did care enough about me then maybe they would actually ask about me, or even acknowledge my existence, but no one is the that lucky am I right? I’m basically losing my best friend and the sad thing is I really could care less, because whatever. She’s to frustrating for me. And that’s my best friend. Well was my best friend? But whatever, it doesn’t matter anymore I’m out of here in 2 years and I literally am counting the days til it happens. I can’t wait to leave here, and this shit hole of a place. I’m so done with all these two faced assholes who don’t give a flying fuck about anything because they’re to self absorbed with their own damn problems to even look in the other direction at people who actually want and need someone to talk to. I mean for gods sake I can’t tell of my two best friends who I like because I’m scared they’ll fucking judge me or tell the whole god damn world. Doesn’t that suck. The only people I can tell are practically strangers and people who if they told could get fired from their jobs. Hmm. I know, what’s the deal with that. Shouldn’t you trust all of your best friends with everything? Well no, you can’t. I’m so done with this place. I can’t wait to leave for college and get out of this state. Spring Break can’t come soon enough!! More like 2016 can’t come soon enough. HIGH SCHOOL IS SO FAKE IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY! I just want to run away, and maybe see who cares enough to wonder where I went I’m not even asking them to look for me, just them thinking of me would mean enough. But nope, abi means nothing. Abi is literally nothing, unless someone needs help with something. I’m not nothing I get that, but I’m tired of doing everything I possibly can and get nothing. I just want to feel loved sometimes. Yeah, that feeling I haven’t felt that in a long time and it sucks a whole lot. Wow after that really depressing rant, I still have 20 minutes to feel miserable with the one person who doesn’t even talk to me anymore! LET’S GO TEAM! I just thought of High School Musical. Is it weird to wish you could be the internet? Yes, okay that is really weird. I don’t I mean well the reason I thought that is because you don’t have feelings, but you still get to help everyone out. Which is great you would never get emotionally attached, but without you peoples lives would be more complicated. You’d actually be worth something and people know you and definitely would be loved. I don’t know, it’s a weird comparison I suppose because it is literally impossible. But just the thought, I don’t know. It’d be different but hey when is anything normal. Til next time


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