No longer

So a few weeks ago my family decided to go for a random drive Downtown. I was sitting in the back seat with the window rolled down just sight seeing ya know? Normal stuff.

As clear as day I could have sworn I was looking at what I was certain was a little black and white piglet just sitting on the side walk. So I start telling my dad to stop. He’s all excited because he grew up around animals and he was down for stopping to get the piglet. He did an entire turn around and when we get to the spot I saw this adorable Piggy. It was gone. It was non- existent actually, because what I thought was an adorable piglet, was actually an adorable BAG OF SAND! We all exploded in laughter till people were crying or out of breath. It was sooooo embarrassing but that’s when the thought occurred to me that I just may need glasses.

So now I have my new glasses. They feel weird but I can actually see clearly now. I didn’t realize how much I actually needed them until I put them on. But I’m also pissed. Why didn’t anyone tell me I was so disturbing to look at haha

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