So, my easter was good. We all got up early to cook and so the girls can have an egg hunt. The john got called into work which sucked but its okay. The we went to my mother in laws house for dinner. We had fun. Its just suckish that my family doesn’t even take the time to talk to me anymore. The only time my sister even calls me is when she wants something. its ridiculous. And my dad treats her like a daughter and me like the step kid. I know im 30 years old but IM YOUR DAUGHTER!!!! I have been paying my own way(with hubby) for 7 years during our marriage and 6 years before that. She has never even had a job and she still likes with him!!! With her three kids!!!! She is 34 years old!!! Her most recent baby’s father has a house for her to live in but she refuses to move in with him. Its ridiculous. I have been paying my dad for 2 years to rent to own our home from him and she doesn’t pay one cent to live with him!!!! IDK it just really pisses me off that I do everything the right way and get nothing.. OH WELL….Its not like I can change anything right?

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