Life long journey

My life is so confusing every day I’m happy then I’m sad there nothing wrong with me. its my family they worry me to death with there problems. my brother 18 and cant get a life we live in a camper there is 4 of us and its not big i don’t understand why my half brother has to live with us he has his own problems and gives them to us so why cant he get a job and learn what life is about. my mom gives him so much pitty because he dropped out of school in the 9 and know i get all of his problems put onto me know i have to live with him and have 3 whole hours taken of my curfew i wish my mom would gatter enough strength to tell him to get out and living in a camper with him going out of the house not slepping where he needs to be and smoking in the bathroom that sucks he sleeps on the couch instead of on his bed and i want to stranggle him when he turns on the fan in the bathroom and keep me up all night so mom turn ito a man and get some balls

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