Strange how you ended up in my life.  I never knew the day you attacked my little dog, that I love dearly, we would be connected.  You stole my heart the first time  I dog sat for your owners.  I find myself wondering how you are doing if it is a long period of time since I get to visit with you.  Bailey you are in the winter of your life and many problems stacking up against you.  My little one shares that with you.  But today as I watched you kill 2 little birdies reminds me you will always be Cujo to me.  Sadly that doesn’t make me love you any less.  I will try anytime I can to let you know you are loved in this life.  It is okay to be different.  It is hard getting old and I am trying to help you do it gracefully.  I see how hard it is to pick up your feet as the day go on.  One day it will be your time to cross the bridge.  Once you do please don’t try to eat my little one but welcome her with open paws.

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