I’m back!

Wow, I haven’t been on here in awhile, how is everyone? I’ve been super busy lately. I has been giving me random pointless crap just to keep me busy. Mostly because he doesn’t trust anyone I try to associate with outside the house. I ask one time to spend a day with a friend and he freaks out and tells me no because quote, “I need you here to help clean and organize everything.”

REALLY?! Does he not see how clean the house already is? If we clean it any more the blinding shine will put chrome to shame! Stupid overprotective I. And he isn’t bothered that VII is writing dirty songs, singing them to me and saying this is how he feels and X trying to get me to strip by almost forcing me to play strip poker? Does he think I’m that stupid?

And to keep me from hanging out with one friend, I makes me literally scrub every toilet in the house until it’s spotless. Do you know how many toilets are in this house? A LOT THAT”S HOW MANY! And living in a house with all guys that really love Taco Bel makes that almost impossible and so nasty! And it didn’t help that VIII decided to use the bathroom right after I was done cleaning!

At least “practice” is going a lot better than before. Who knew I’d be able to kick so high with cramps!…is it bad that makes me happy? Oh well!

Signing off


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