Pills & Potions

It’s a ‘fuck this fuck that and fuck you’ kind of day. 

I did have a great day at work today though, I was by myself in my department for quite a while.. so I made a good chunk of my sales today.

Bryan, the manager of the Men’s department.. oh boy. I have the biggest crush on him. And it’s gotten me into nothing but trouble, and I’ve made myself look like a fool on several occasions. I can tell he really, really, REALLY wants to stay as far away from me as possible. He knows I like him, I grew some balls and told him a while back. And that was a huge no no. I should have kept ignoring him like I did before. This morning he walked around me plenty of times while I was doing opening counts on registers. And we were totally alone, he didn’t even say hi. That’s how I know. I’m always the one to initiate contact, so obviously if he doesn’t do it himself then…well.. duh. He has a girlfriend, no surprise there! So I left it alone, until I got tipsy the other day and started messaging him on Facebook. Stupid liquid courage. But hey, the dude has a girlfriend. I need to stop being stupid. And I know it.. but.. I’m a go-getter by nature. It’s a terrible trait. So yeah, I really need to do my best to get out of that one before I get myself in trouble. Everyone that knows me knows, I don’t fall easily. So when I like someone or something, I gotta have it. I am one fucked up female. Hence, I need some pills and potions. To drown my emotions. Haaaaa. So cheesy.


I took the kids to the Austin Zoo yesterday. We all had a blast! It was a family thing. Ambur, James, the kids and I were out in the heat for hours and hours. But it was worth it. There were some pretty neat animals there. It’s an animal safe haven, all of their animals are rescued, which became obvious when I saw some animals with missing legs or IVs in them. The zoo itself is run down and low budget. There was a huge goose swimming by itself in a tub of water- trying to get out. It looked miserable. But hey, they all had food and water, and space to be animals. Which is what makes it a great place for animal lovers. My kids had fun feeding all the farm animals. Bubbah’s face lit up like Christmas when he got to feed the goats, sheep, deer, piggies and llamas. There were lions, tigers, bears (OH MY!), monkeys, and all kinds of birds. There were peacocks EVERYWHERE! Even in the parking lot! They just walk around the whole zoo! It was awesome!

After we got home we went to the pool, where we spent more hours and hours. To my surprise, my son still managed to stay up until almost 2 in the morning. I only got a few hours of sleep last night! I’m off tomorrow, so I should be able to sleep in! I really need it.


I don’t feel much like typing anymore tonight. I just want to curl up in my bed, close my eyes, and dream for about 12 hours. Good night.


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