starlit silhouette

I thought I would be safe There – forever Falling in the stale dark air Somewhere between here and there Stealing what gives me light It ends closer to the ground than I thought The silhouette of vacant face -Linger in the black clouds that drowned my every breath Curled up in the emergency aisle, Head down – hands clasped trying to pray No sentence form -No words even come out Can’t complete the equation Here – X-There -N-The calculations hold no value I could be dead I just want to feel safe – Forever kneeling in the aisle, Folded my hands tightly together Closed my eyes and tryed speak Heard my heart brake in two Shatter in three- Tare in Fourths So softly I spoke-You win-Layed back silent and comfortably In the the black pine box-Now I can be safe here, forever

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