Hey its amber, I just wanted to get this blog page to say that being a Teenager is hard. You have so much to do school to finish, a job to get, friends to meet. But if you stop and take a step back and think you have your whole life to do that. I am a 16 Year old girl that has not had a lot, I don’t get everything I ask for. If I want something I have to work for it, but isn’t that how life is supposed to be, you have to work for the things that you want. These kids these days don’t understand the meaning of the word work. I am a stay at home teenager, cause my mom and dad are wrecker drivers, that is almost a 24 hour job. Yes, There are sometimes when I take advantage of my mom and dad, do I mean to do it no cause that is not how I was raised but I do it anyway, There are times when I wish I could just run away and never come back, see if anyone would miss me. But then I think wait there are people that would miss me, I have friends, and family that would. Us teenagers have it very hard, or so we think. Actually we have it easy, How? I bet that’s what your thinking.. How in the world do we have it easy?? Well, lets see you don’t have to pay rent, buy food, pay your phone bill, (If you have a phone). There is a lot of things that us teenagers don’t have to do. But most of take advantage of that, I know I do. What we need to do is take a step back and realize what we have and thank God each and everyday that we have that stuff. We need to thank our parents to cause if it wasn’t for them you would not have any of that stuff cause they work everyday for the things that you do have, they use there money that they worked hard for to give you and some of us don’t even say thank you… What has this world come to when we don’t have kids that say Thank you or please.. Its rude you have young kids that should be outside playing with friends and in the dirt. NOT posting pictures of there self online of them naked.. its nasty and these parents should be doing something about it instead of doing drugs… But hey who am I to tell someone else how to raise there own kids.. What I am trying to say is don’t take what you have for granted cause one day when you wake up it may just not be there. You could wake up and have nothing…. Just a blog from The stay at home Teenager(: Yall have a great night/morning.

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