I heard his voice today. I was so scared if I could handle it. My heart has been racing since she messaged him last night wondering would he say fuck you dont talk to me or open up and spill his heart. It started with simple texting than the phone call. His voice is still as magical and sexy as I remember it the first time. There was some hurt and hesitation but can i blame him.

I love him so much it hurts me. I never thought in one second that he still loved me. After he blocked me out I gave up. I tried to not care but when you meet that person that when you lock eyes the world dissapears and all you see is them, its hard to see anything else but them.

To be haunted by every memory was consuming me. I dont know whats going on. I am not sure what he really feels. we started to actually talk and than BAM he had to go and he would call back, instead it went to texting . I dont always think he grasps the reality of the pain that reading the words doesnt make it real. I need his voice to say it to me.

My heart is heavy. I love him i never stopped

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