Watching Death Note with kids walking in??

So me and IX are the biggest anime fans ever in case you couldn’t tell and we just now finished Death Note with tears running down our faces and throats burning from yelling at the TV. I’m listening to the soundtrack right now and…oh the memories, I think I’m goanna cry! This is what I’m listening to in case you wanted to know or if you haven’t seen Death Note. Type it in or whatever if no link. THIS SOUNDTRACK IS WORTH IT!!

As for the whole kids thing? Well sometimes I has these kids he takes care of come over. They don’t live with us, they’re just thankful for whatever it is he did for them. He won’t tell me, I actually has a heart! Strange right?

Well, anyway I had these kids over and they’re very sensitive to violent type things, death things like that. And we were watching the last few scenes of Death Note (Spoiler for people who are watching it or want to watch it. ¬†HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!) They saw what was going on and immediately started freaking out and ran to I crying! Seriously, we got yelled at for watching anime? I knows we watch it and should have known to tell the kids not to go in there. The whole house knows! Our screaming quote: “don’t do that you f*cking idiot, are you insane?! It’s so obvious that he’s the criminal just arrest him already! F*cking idiot you stupid f*ck! Why did you kill him you sick white floating piece of s*it! I’ll string you up by the balls!…Vagina? I don’t care, but whatever you have I’m stringing you by it!” End quote

We have problems! The good kind!!!

Signing off


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