Clearly I’m not serious about my health and losing weight.

I just ate a slice of cake and it’s 9:17 pm.

My glucose reading was 246…


This unconscious eating and eating of junk is no good, I know that, but why can’t I stop?!

It is a bad habit from childhood, but why can’t I shake it yet?!?!?!?!?!

The thing is I don’t buy junk when I buy, but the rest of the family constantly buys it, and once it’s in the house, my gluttonous self just has to have it.

What a shameful thing to have no control and I’m a bloody adult!

I’m going to join a gym one more time and even if I’m at my last breath with pneumonia, I will go.

I really don’t want to be fat at forty, and I would love to drastically decrease the amount of medications I’m on right now.

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