Back On Track

Well I am happy to report that after a day of feeling absolutely terrible.  I am honestly back on track.  i was kind of afraid that my cravings would take over me as they use to, but it seriously wasn’t that bad.  I wanted to drink to make the hangover stop, but for once the will power not to was much stronger.  I feel much better today, and even more certain that drinking is no longer for me.

I have come to a very saddening realization however.  I wanted to quit drinking for many reasons.  One was just because it was time, but the other was for the benefit of my over all health and appearance.  I spent most of my life being very tall and thin.  I was 5″9 130-140 pounds when I first met my husband.  It was a pretty normal occurrence for people, even strangers, to suggest modeling to me.  I started gaining weight as soon as my husband and i moved in together.  maybe it was the lack of activity, not knowing how to eat properly, the over consumption of alcohol…or all of these things combined.  No matter the reason, the weight started coming on with a vengeance.  The weight gain became really bad when we moved to Charleston.  I developed quite a bought of depression, and began drinking a TON at the time to ease my loneliness.  Well, now that we are back home, i do not have those urges anymore.  but in the three years of living in Charleston I went from 160 lbs (which is pretty healthy for my height) to a whoppin 197 lbs!  I was really hoping that dropping the sauce would cause significant weight loss.  This has not been the case.  As a matter of fact in the almost month that I have been drink fee I haven’t lost any weight but gained 2 more pounds!  This is simply  unacceptable and devastating lol.  I really figured I would have dropped.  Not only am I saving myself thousands of calories a week…but I am also more active and happy.  I figured the weight would budge some.

I use to be so notoriously skinny growing up, that now I loath having to go places where I might bump into someone I grew up with.  I even avoided my high school reunion just because I am now so fat and have let myself go so badly.  Whenever I see people that I haven’t seen in years, I always see it in their eyes that they are trying to soak in how bad I look.  I am sure they are shocked by how much I have let alcohol and poor diet ruin my looks and body.  I started on a journey to change my life…and by god I am SO ready to.  I am no longer complaining for the sake of feeling sorry for myself. I am going to get off my butt and DO something about it.  I have learned in these past few weeks commitment is key…you can’t half ass and expect results.  Half assing is what had me hung over and crappy yesterday.




Well in light of the upsetting news, it is time to make yet another life change.  I have done a REALLY good job of staying away from alcohol and I feel really great about it, but now I want to look great as well.  In addition to being sober I am also going to try to change my diet.  Today I have started the intermediate fasting diet.  If any of you are reading this has been my meal plan for the day.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this as I have no idea what I am doing.

8:00- 1 boiled egg

10:00-1 boiled egg

12:00- Sauteed Kale and Spinach with red onions and rotel tomatoes

2:00-1 1/2 cups of cantaloupe

4:00- Plain Oatmeal

6:00- Low Sodium V8

8:00-1 cup serving of sweet potato gnocchi


I have always had a really hard time with being consistent and actually committing to anything but I have gotten over my first hurdle with alcohol and so I think I might have what it takes now to give this diet a legit chance.  I am going to try to make this my menu (with slight variations) through out the week.  Only order salad if at a restaurant.  Whole foods processed…try to stay under 1000 calories a day.


We shall see how it goes!  As always thanks for reading!

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