Today I learned some things about my best friend that broke my heart. She’s been beaten over and over again by her step father. He’s such a piece of shit, he broke her legs over the dumbest little thing. Her mom is just as guilty for letting this go on. He would never touch his own kids that he had with her mom either. I feel so stressed out because there’s nothing I can do about it.

Her mom always goes on and on about how my friend is such a bad mother, well look at the example she set for her. She never learned how to be a good mom, because her mom sucks more than she does. It’s just disgusting. I’ve always noticed how his kids are treated better, but this honestly blew my mind. Like, for her sweet sixteen she could only have a couple friends come over, but for her younger sister’s sweet sixteen it was a huge deal, it cost them like thousands of dollars and she got an expensive dress, but they wouldn’t even let my friend go to prom because “they couldn’t afford her dress.”

It hurt my heart to think about it. She’s so little and cute. I love her so much. 🙁

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