a dead animal outside my house

As I returned home in the evening I got a massage on Facebook from Aanchal Sood, a young girl living in the vicinity of my house, ‘Can you please tell me the name of the animal that has died outside your house?’

‘Animal?’ I was surprised as this, ‘Which animal are you talking about?’

‘That’s what I want to know, which animal is this?’

‘Where is it?’ I massaged her back.

‘It is on the electricity cables, outside your house, right above the transformer’ was her reply.

Oh, now I understand the meaning of that droning sound that I had heard in the evening, when I had left my house to go up to the Mall road. Something stopped me. It had sounded like some monkey or a leopard was hiding in the shrubs and was droning painfully on seeing me, perhaps asking for help. I had looked behind but had failed to spot him. I kept looking through the shrubs but did not look up to the electric cables.

‘Wait Aanchal, I will just go out and see?’ I asked her to hold on.


Holding my mobile phone I came out of my house. It was dark and the chillness climbed my legs. I followed the stairs to go down to the road and then walked to the transformer, ten meters from my house, and looked up. The dead body of a flying fox was hanging on the cables. It must have glided from the oak tree to the other one and on the way it hit the live cables. In the evening when I was walking up to the Mall road, it was she, asking for help.

It happens with many of them. A few months ago, on an electric pole up at the road that leads to Shimla bazaar, a languor monkey had got stuck with the cables. Fortunately we managed to call the electricity department and get the electric current switched off to rescue him. But later it was found that he had got his rear legs completely paralyzed.

I returned home and massaged Aanchal that it was a flying fox.

‘Are they dangerous?’ she asked.

‘No, not at all. They are like squirrels, a squirrel that can glide from a tree to another or from a building to another, not fly.

Poor animal, her body is still hanging with the cables. I wish I had listened to her drone and perhaps would have rescued her.

What was going to happen?

I must have my dinner in time as tomorrow morning I have to leave for Chandigarh to pick up a group of tourists arriving from Dubai.

I had dinner and went to bed. Read a few pages of the new book, The Fishing Fleet’ I had bought recently and then set an alarm in my clock for next morning to get up at five. The December chill is increasing but this new blanket I just brought from Delhi keeps me warm whole night.

Good night.

Poor flying fox, met her tragic end.

But, the life goes on

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