Day 8: Til next time Christmas

Today I put away the last of the Christmas decorations and Christmas tree.  It didn’t go very smoothly though.  When I asked my brother to help me he got all up in arms about doing it.  He did it but with extreme force.  I think he might’ve broke the tree….we needed a new one anyway but oh well.

I cooked my first paleo meals today.  They were wonderful.  First for lunch I had tilapia and broccoli.  Then for dinner I made stuffed zucchini.  They were both delicious.  I love to cook so I had a blast.

Sitting here drinking my tea now.  Printed out newly revised routines which I added things to my previous one that I found I could within the allotted amount of time.  It’s a great feeling knowing I can keep up with this.  I’m very happy today even with the rocky mess in the middle of the day.  I think the meditation last night was a great help.

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