Sleepless Nights & Brain Chatter

I’ve never really been one to sleep much. In fact, I’ve gone days without sleeping. But what can you do when your mind won’t stop running? My aunt calls it brain chatter. I agree. Who better to chat with then yourself? A friend? sibling? Parent? Will they understand anything you have going on in your head? And if they do understand, do you really want to keep them up all night with you? Question. How do you get to sleep? Do you just turn out the lights, get warm under a blanket and relax till you brain says “Ok! I’ve had enough for today! Time to sleep!” Or does it take a little while? Do you drink a glass of milk? Coffee? Do you watch tv till you pass out? Me? Oh I don’t sleep. That ‘Brain chatter’ is at it again. Hence why I’m here @ 7am writing in a journal I literally just created. I’ve lost the count of how many days & nights I’ve been awake. I’m tired & I just want to sleep. Oh! Isn’t that a sign of depression? Hm… Have you ever seen any Korean Dramas? The Heir, Mischevioos Kiss Love in Tokyo 1 & 2… Both great. Thou technically, MK is a Japanese Drama. Oh look… there is that brain chatter again. But isn’t that what journals are all about? *sigh* My brain chatter is dying. Not much for a 1st journal but I suppose this will have to do. Ja ne, everyone. -BeautifullyBroken-

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