1.2.3 Deep Breath. Exhale. Remember to have compassion. Compassion. I feel sad for her. To not say a word to me all night after trying hard to get a peep out of her only to have her lash out at me over something frivolous. Did I get riled up. No. I did not. I was confused because I didn’t understand what she was referring to only to remember it happened months ago and I only repeated the same thing she did to me. I was like wait what? You want to argue about this? Are you serious? lol. Then I just simply told her I am not in the mood to argue and she left. Her energy is so negative. I just stay far away. I am not feeling much of anything towards to encounter. Just sadness for her and Compassion.

I wanted to discuss what happened with the Hawk and The Raven. So on 4/7 I was walking home from the bus stop on reserve rd. I entered my neighborhood and flying towards me from the direction of my house was a raven and a hawk flying together. Before this happened I have been feeling guided to study the old ways. Ways of the Druid. It doesn’t feel right placing a label on it because it is so much more than that. Mystic? My way has old majick in it. Old teachings.. So I asked for guidance. This way is not a path most can comprehend. Many times I am left wondering if I am dreaming.. My answer came on that day. I felt so enchanted watching the two play together. One would swing below the other and then back up and the other would go fast as if its a race. It was funny watching it. I am sure I looked crazy to others as I am looking up to the sky and laughing. haha. Who cares? I felt so happy to see them. At the same time I was getting a message that took me some time to decipher. The Hawk passed her guidance onto the Raven. For many years the hawk was the one coming to me. I remember riding my bike along the dirt paths just south of the 101 & Tatum when all of the sudden a hawk comes flying right in my face. He spread its wings so I could see his belly and girth. It took my breath away. I had never thought of what my spirit animal was until I started being spiritual and believing in source. Before that I was an atheist. Now I look to the Raven. The hawk will always be there but my path has changed in ways that are not yet known to me. The raven.. I had a premonition about a raven and an owl coming together. Wisdom and Majick.

I am excited about this new path. I only wish I had someone to share it with. Then again I have my spirits with me so I am never alone.

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