First Goodnight Journal

Many people have blogs and persuade me to create one.. but i never thought of actually getting one until now. Oh well. Where do i even begin? I don’t even like writing or typing whatever this is. I am just sitting here writing since i have nothing to do with my life. At this point i am jobless. I am not attending school. Is this what blogging is about? hmm. idk i’m new at this so dont judge me. Should i just tell you about myself? I guess thats where i will start. My name is…well.. its Natalia. I am one hundred percent mexican. I am almost 20 years old with no life wow. jk i do kind of have a life.

Yeah.. but hey i am trying. I guess i have a somewhat sucky life. Having parents who tell me they love me, yet treat me like shit. i do have a boyfriend who loves me very much though. anyways… I have had a rough childhood. And i think i need to let it all out.. i never really had someone to talk to.. so hopefully i can talk to anyone who is on here. Btw no weirdos please. aha no really im serious. That is why i am keeping my real name and real information a secret. There are too many people out here in this world with sick minds doing the most horrible shit to innocent people.

ANYWAYS…. well i had a pretty cool day today if you even wanted to know…. Should i just call this my diary? I mean it seems like it is. You probably already noticed i suck at writing. i mean i am mexican for the love of god. Spanish was my first language. So please do not come at me with some bs about my writing just saying! Wait. where was i oh yeah! Funny thing is todays Cinco De Mayo. And if you dont know thats something mexicans celebrate. Yeah i just know it has to do with a war between the french and mexico. i think. But thats its for now i will be back to spill my life out to you guys whoever is readying this. So ttyl! Happy CINCO DE MAYO!

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