Lady Ashes

There’s a lady in white
who sits every night on the steps
of my grandmother’s house that
burned last year.

White dress, blue eyes
cold hands clenched tight
into fists with blue knuckles
laid gently, gently over dead lillies
held over bony knees.

I see her in my dreams.

She’s a girl with eyes of darkest
blue, pupils, iris, no white just
blue, a sea falls slowly
never to touch the earth
waters dead flowers on bony knees
cold hands grow colder
clenched fists held tight
petals drift slowly, drown.

Always alone.

Some nights, the house burns
around her
and she is screaming
screaming quiet words to me
I walk closer to
her hands and they are black against
white flames, white dress
white house turned to coal
ashes and sparks in my eyes.

I wake up crying.

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