19th october 2007 641pm friday


well, i certainly got the storm i wanted last night! just in time to shut up a pack of noisy morons inexplicably drunk and disorderly on a balcony right outside my bedroomwindow that woke me up repeatedly (11pm, 1130pm, 1211an) i got up in disgust at that point to slam the window shut, bellowing ‘shut up or by the Gods, i will MAKE you shut up!” i was answered by a peal of laughter ‘shut up you crabby bitch!” and THEY were answered by a peal of THUNDER and a bolt of lightning seemed to crease the sky between us (*note i still live here and that balcony is 15 feet from what is now my artroom window. i sleep in the living room on a futon) and a sudden torrential downpour. now it was MY turn to laugh as they screamed and grabbed for their drinks all rushing the door at once! i slept rather well after that even though my legs have been killing me all day. ah well, i’ll hold the memory of Mother Nature’s delightful timing for a while!


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