first nite…

slept in my new space for the first time last night. i wanted to make sure it would be cool enough for me to sleep in. i finished insulating the long wall that faces out side that gets the most sun and heat. i brought my portable ac down and my mattress. it was pretty comfy and i even had to use a blanket. it was really weird tho sleeping in a new space in another part of the building, way closer to the street and down a level. i slept well so looks like i will be moving in there for sure.

need to figure out how to get my cat down there and where to put her smelly litter box? also need to move my mini frig/freezer and my microwave and food storage cart once i figure out the layout for the kitchenette.

•finish painting the ceiling white

•finish insulating the back wall & think of something to cover up insulation.

•finish painting the left side as you come down the steps

•something to hold the other end of the dowels I’m using for my clothes

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