no look at MY leg!

Zap and i just did this. she started it, but me being the loony i am (on purpose! My patron God is Loki. you work it out. and yes, as a matter of fact that does make me dangerous. chaotic neutral. i do anything i do at any given time because the impulse struck me to do it and i ALWAYS obey my impulses. fortunately for the world, i’m basically a nice person. i just hate humans.) i did it back.

see, Zap did this at e and mewed for my attention. so this exchange happened.

me-yeah, that’s nice. at least it works. check out THIS nuclear disaster (holds out leg for her inspection)

Zap sniffs my ankle headbutts my calf and licks my toes, then looks up at me looking awed. “wow.’

me- (laughing) ‘i know right? and i lost the return slip. i wonder if i can get store credit?’

Zap looked at me incredulously, sighed and strolled out to lounge on the balcony trying to ignore me. hehehehe i also tell anyone who’ll listen that my real Maj Malf. (majour malfunction) is that my service agreement expired. it’s not the RSD, i just ran out of time on the warranty and the contract no longer honours parts and labour 😉

for the record dumb derpy meme maker? this gesture is usually followed by the cat lovingly licking it’s own ass for an hour while you have guests over and are trying to eat. Zap is a cat which means she ‘will do what they do do and there’s no doing anything about it’ to quote T.S. Eliot (yes and and Sir Andrew who pilfered it outright. ever want a funny prank to pull on someone? a bet you can’t lose? know the cats soundtrack? excellent. bet someone in a library that you can recite any poem from Old Possum’s book of practical cats  and pray they don’t pick pollicle dogs or the pollicle jellicle war just to try to trip you up though if you’ve seen it live and have a good memory its in there too and i do mean VERBATIM and it’s damn near in the same order.) and having her as a roomate is a constant and i mean constant battle of wills. i tell her not to do something, she acknowledges this and if i’m watching her or awake to hear her, she usually behaves herself, but if i lower my guard even a SECOND she’ll be on the table on the balcony, face buried between her own legs facing the sidewalk so everyone can get a good look whether they want to or not. (which happened while i was typing this. she was i was occupied and looked at me smirked and started to hoist leg. ‘Zap! cut that out. that’s gross, you little exhibitionist. if you’re going to do that go into the artroom or bathroom or something.” LOL

anyway. so far so good. i rallied last night and got everything but the dishes done and since it was too hot to eat much yesterday (going to try to make myself eat something big here in a few. breakfast is usually the only full meal i’ll eat all day in the summer.) there’s only a mug, my milk glass, my soda glass, 1 plate, 2 spoons and a knife even in the sink to wash. no fainting or weirdness YET this morning (but that could happen at any time.) so the plan is, eat something and watch some more ‘the fbi files’ wait for meds to kick in and do my current bitchbook entry, then see how i feel about getting anything done today besides playing Fate (it’s a computer game. wild games site has it. sword and sorcery. it’s what legend of Zelda wanted to grow up to be.)

and of course i’ll continue to babble on here i’m sure.

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