Fire Alarms

The other day before going to bed I did what my teacher advised me to do and I took command of my sacred space before going to bed by chanting “I am god. I am sovereign. I am free.” I could feel a tingle going through my body and I knew I was going to have a good nights sleep with some dreams. Well.. Others had something else in mind. Around 1:11am(really) my fire alarms went off. Only my dorm room’s alarm. Security came. Then when they couldn’t figure it out, no surprise since its not their forte’, the head health and safety guy came. He looked through the room and couldn’t find the cause. The alarm couldn’t be taken out because it was hard wired into the wall. So all night long the alarm would go off for a minute or two then turn off and just about the time that my roommate and I would start to fall asleep it would go off again. Seriously. haha.

I still don’t know the reason why it happened. People have come to inspect it but the cause was not found. This isn’t the first time its happened to me before. When taz missed her flight she set off the fire alarms in my house but in just my room. I suspect a few reasons why it happened. Only time and continuing the research why these things happen will tell. It is suspicious that the start time would be 1:11am. I was told that it continued on until around 11. I would not be surprised if it stopped at 11:11am.

I am still missing it. The key reason why it happened and until I delve into my own subconscious I doubt I’ll figure it out. I know this.. As I was going back to sleep I was starting to dream of me diving into the depths of my subconscious and as I got to the bottom and was opening the door as my hand touched the door knob the alarms sounded again jolting me away from my inner self.  Now is the time for intro-perspective.

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