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Hi my name is Christina. I got 3 beautiful children. I couldn’t have asked for more…So Blessed! but…anyhow My life as I know it is stressful. My dad came back into my life since I was 14 & I am now 32 years old. I am very delighted to have him back. He came from NM. He came to me in bad health…he got here Sunday & by Friday we were in the ER. He’s in bad shape, got admitted to hospital. We are still here 4 days later & I am very grateful that he is in good care. He has heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, shortness of breath. His heart is pumping at 30% so they are trying to find out how, what, where  & why…factor being the diabetes was not being taken care of. 

On the other hand…I got a boyfriend named Marcus that I have been on & off with for over 3 & a half years. Its been very rocky! As of now we are at a danger zone meaning we have been  getting out of hand physically & all I can say is that love hurts. I am so mad, disappointed, & he is driving me insane. He won’t leave me alone like he so addicted, we addicted, we are bad for each other. We have been thru thick & thin, bad & good. OMG! I don’t know what I’m doing this time around again! I’m lost & frustrated. I am getting a black eye from last nights quarrel. Wth! I just want to be left alone. I just need to learn to be alone & quit doing this carousel ride I have been on…before I die. I been thru this before. You think I should have learned but there is just something more to this & I just can’t get it right. I want to get it together…but for some odd stupid reasons of mine I’m stuck on this level of stupidity with this man. I am so attracted to him when we get long, it’s like bliss. Love is so broad. I know his before anybody says anything or whatever….I know Love isn’t suppose to hurt. I am not retarded but I am stupid. I am only human! I will leave my first entry at that…till next time Gn journal~

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