not happening

those fucking skanks were back after the cops left and causing all sortsa ruckus so i had to deal with that and time got away from me, then i went down to check on the cats for a ‘few minutes’ that became a 1/2 hour session of mutual grooming 😉 i brushed No Name for a while and he washed my hands and arms for me and we purred at each other. very hypnotic.

so yeah not going to be getting any real work done today (though i am going to tackle the laundry later because it’ll be an excuse to play in the water LOL)

but i had a great idea. around 4ish or so i’ll go down and make dinner down there. i have that great deluxe japanese ramen  bowl thing (it’s like what you’d get at a food stand or convenient store in japan. )neat stuff and ive wanted to try it for ages, but it’s been too hot to make it up here. all i need to make it hot water and they have a microwave so all i’ll need to use is a cup to heat some water and i can bring down 1 of my japanese soup spoons. then i can sit down there for a while and watch some ID and have dinner and hang out with the cats. they’ll enjoy having me down there for a while. even skittish Bear stuck his head out and mewed a hello when i came down earlier.

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  1. the drawing? that is a sleeve i made for a cd mix for someone a while back. dumb kids claimed to be punk and the day that Lou Reed died, i told him about it and he went ‘who?’ and when i asked him who HE thought punk was, he started spewing fucking grunge band names (head-desk)so i made this mix.

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