cat sitting

i’ve had a Shel Silverstein poem on loop in my head for about the past 10 minutes.

mrs. mctwitter

the baby sitter

i think she’s a little bit crazy

she thinks a baby sitter’s supposed to sit upon the baby


damn photographic memory sometimes LOL

just went down to check on the cats (No Name was a sweet friendly affectionate lummox as usual and Bear a prickly little shit head. so guess who didn’t get a treat for hissing at me because i walked in the room?) as i told No Name this was  just a flying visit.i fed them gave No name 2 treats and shared a glass of milk with him (Chris told me the night before they left ‘this will go bad before we get back. you drink milk, right?’ absolutely. i’ll dispose of that for you! LOL) meds are out for delivery today and i need to be here to get the call that says ‘i’m pulling onto your street now and will be there in about a minute’ (which is my cue to come down as it takes me about that long on bad nerve days to manage 3 flights on my forearm crutches. Gods i feel so slow these days)

now i have to take my 11’s (done and do a pill count. duh. even after making the past 3 days AND today 4 pill day? i still have 5 spare painkillers. i may yet get a few astral days out of this month yay!…. what!? attitudinal was made into a word and Yay still isn’t? pff) and do my symptom journal while i wait for meds to get here. laundry is absolutely on the list and i have a new repair to add to it (1 of my pillows has a mysteriously Parah-claw shaped hole in it whoops! hehe why do i say claw in stead of nails? have you SEEN my nails? they average an inch long and are too tough for regular clippers. 1 of the little side effects of my condition ‘unusual hair and nail growth. they weren’t KIDDING either. i have 1 toenail that’s turned into an inch thick in 1 place raised literal claw that i have to file down from the top. no others like that yet. weird. ) bath is as well… or maybe freezing shower so i can combine cooling off with washing. nodnod yeah i think i like that. and decide what i should have for dinner so i can bring it down and hang out with the boys for a couple hours this evening which is generally when Chris and Bran are usually home and awake to interact with them the most. soup again probably. use their dishes and wash them rather than try to haul my stuff up and down stairs. might be the best option. or i could have a couple mets for lunch and then bring down a cup of soup thing of miso to sip. eh. well, we’ll see i guess. i wonder if i can find the ID schedule online on my system? i would NEVER touch Chris’ w/o him there. my system is complex. i’m an OLD school white hat from back in the mid late 80’s then got back into comps for a while back in the mid 90s for a few years when Gateway 1st opened ha! gateway opened baahahahahahaha! sorry. no i’m not heheheheh it WAS inadvertent though! i swear to you….. but i am NOWHERE NEAR on Christopher’s calibre. he can run circles around me and i’m not inclined to mess with friends’ expensive 1 of a kind self built customized electronics! why do you think i had them set the tv up on the 1 channel i could happily watch almost anything that comes on and have them set it up so ALL i have to do would be to press ONE button to turn it on and off?

ah. that gives me something i can talk about!

the static field!!!! alright EVERY single living being (and the recently deceased!)  (damnit sun. make up your mind. behind the clouds so i can open the curtain and get some fucking breeze or out so i know to keep my blotter towel on hand! PICK ONE! i’m allergic to UV so i have to keep that shit off me unless i want to scorch within minutes. and i do really mean that. it precludes the RSD. i’ve ALWAYS had that. they used to have to coat my face and hands in zinc and i had to wear long sleeves and trousers in the summer if i was going to be out in the sun! now? if i want to stay in i can and sunblock tech has finally come up with lotions and sprays i’m not allergic to. baby sunblock. i can’t wear the stuff geared to adults. allergic to that shit too, but the baby/toddler stuff is specifically geared toward supersensitive skin. it’s called phototoxicity and the pic below IF it’ll run is NOT my hands thankfully but that IS what happens to me within MINUTES with exposed skin and direct sunlight. it sucks. if it doesn’t post it i’ll post it again in a sec)

damn that parenthesis got away from me. where was i. ah. static field. i’m death to most electronics. again thankfully tech is finally catching up and they’ve started doing surge protecting on everything. still little things are the worst. the only reason my cell hasn’t died yet, is the fact that i rarely touch the thing. but even that glitches ad the batteries mysteriously drain every time i do handle it. i’ve blown up (and yes i mean that literally) vcr’s, frozen dvd players, killed tvs, microwaves and toasters and i go through about on average of 1 phone a year. i can’t wear a watch (digital types will begin flashing random numbers and ready for this? i’ve had analogue watches start running BACKWARDS! fun stuff.) the year i found out i had RSD? with my stress levels so elevated? i killed 2 tvs, 1 toaster, 4 telephones,  3 air conditioners (Scott didn’t know quite what to do with me chortling), 2 CPUs, FOUR monitors, a vcr, an answering machine and 2 dvd plays. it’s a rare gift and i wish i could exchange it (quoted from TMNT2K3 Raphael  and Mike of course season 3 episode…  shit i’m crap with numbers… titles in that season-without looking are xmas aliens, space invaders par… riight that’s it. space invaders 3. when they were infiltrating the triceraton’s homeworld to rescue Donnie and Mikey was being a dick as usual. Monza Ram says ‘is it possible your brother has gotten even more annoying since we last met?’ mike says ‘it’s a rare gift’ and Raph smirks ‘and i WISH we could exchange it!’) the thing is EVERYONE has a static field. oh really? you care to refute that? (rubs hands together smirking)  oh DO let’s.

check me on this. in late fall and during the winter, if you walk around in your stocking feet (that means just wearing socks if you’re under 30 <snerk>) and you touch someone else (i’m including pets in this. Pets are people too in my books) WHAT happens? >>ZZAAP!!!<< (which for the record is why Zap is named that. the lightning bolt marking cemented the choice, but when we met we static shocked each other about 12 times in under 2 minutes and instead of freaking out she purred louder and came back for more! so, Zap the Cat because when we met i did!) you’ll shock that person and possibly yourself. if you time it right in a dark room and look at JUST the right moment? you can SEE THE SPARKS! amiright? you KNOW i am. now. the difference between me and the average person? just 1 example. back at school, i was walking barefoot across a tile floor wearing shorts and a tanktop in SPRING and touched an EMPTY PLASTIC cup on a ceramic tile counter and zapped myself SO hard it knocked me back 2 steps and everyone in the room with me saw the sparks in full sunlight. yeah. (sometimes it’s too fun being me <–place sarcasm there) english style combat boots (doc martins! i’ve worn em for years. if my daughter is ever insulted with ‘yor mudder wears combat boots!’ she can smirk and say ‘yup and she can kick your ass too!’) with inch thick rubber soles won’t help either. i’m just some sort of stupid super-conductor. there’s actually a kick-ass punk-rock term for people like me. we’re called (drumroll please!) Electric Hooligans! isn’t that just SO fuckin wicked cool? and there’s tons of us. we still confuse science because by definition, the range of these unfortunate abilities is sort of unquantifiable. think about it. ‘here let me just have you hold this little volt meter so we can see how much of a charge you’re actually gener-‘ ZZAAARK! ‘uhm sorry about your volt meter, guy.’

why has my computer lasted as long a it has since i’m obviously all but surgically attached to  The Watcher? (yup. i named my computer. so what?) it was the floor demo model, specifically built with all the bells and whistles to protect it from people that have no idea what they’re doing around them in addition to kids messing with it and being interfered with by all the other electronics around it, THAT’s why and i DO hasten to remind you i am currently waiting for a new dvd rom drive (which will be it’s THIRD!) and i’ve even used the static field to stop it from BSODing on me 3 times since i’ve had it. yeah. a LITTLE. i can make it go ‘on’ i CANNOT make the static field stop though. once it’s on? it’s on till i run out of juice and considering the fact that every time i fry some bit of electronics i quite LITERALLY get a charge out of it? it’s kind of self perpetuating. and yes. it IS the real reason i am technologically reclined. i’ve learned that me messing with electronics is EXPENSIVE. once i’ve had my way with a piece of electronics? it’s pretty much irretrievable. (whoa! cannot believe i spelled that right on 1 go!)

so. there ya go.

and that, my dear ones, brings us to 1230 which means meds should be here Amy ninute now (spoonerism done on purpose to be silly) so i should do my journal and get my ass in gear and MAYBE just maybe i’ll get something done today now that i’m through the worst of the most recent flare.



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