First Impressions

Heyyy x

This is my first entry, and I really want to get it right, you know first impressions and all that jazz. A little about me.. I am a state long jumper, I love long jump and always have since I was in the 6th Grade. My boyfriend and I have been together for around 6 months, he is a state hurdler we met on an athletics team, I mainly wanted to make this journal to record our time together, so I can never forget it. So back to the beggining…

January 16th

Jake and me had been friends since we were tiny, but recently we have grown really close not just friends that live round the corner from each other but… flirty friends. I think he is really cute and we get along well we are always going out together having a starbucks after training and meets. Yesterday we had a sleepover and everyone was daring us to kiss each other, everyone knows we like each other but we haven’t admitted it to ourselves. Then when everyone was asleep we went into Eva’s garden and sat on the bench at the end of the garden, we talked for hours about how we have grown close to each other. Then we sat in complete silence until he slid his had over mine and held it softly I looked at him and we dove in for a kiss a long passionate one, he began biting my lip carefully as we kissed. Then he began to turn me slowly until I was facing him and he put his hands on my waist and began to pull my hips towards him. When we stopped I put my head around his shoulders and he hand his arm around my back then after a while we went in to the others.


I thought you might want to know how it started… Well today he picked me up from school, he finishes 10 minuets earlier than me so often he comes by the school and we walk home together. We sat on my bed, he was spooning me from behind, I felt so intimate, we have never had actual sex I have given him hand jobs and blow jobs also he has fingered me and licked me but we have never gotten that far yet. I think we will do soon, I saw today he had condoms in his bag, I’ve never seen them before so I think we are really close. His parents are away tomorrow so I am spending the night at his, maybe then who knows… 😉

Thanks for reading I an going to try and be regular and hopefully you can carry on please give me comments, suggestions and advice below they are always welcome xxx

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