I’ll never forget

I’ll never forget, what you’ve said to me. You emotionally hurt me, damaged me inside. You never were the father I wanted, as I am growing up I thought you would change. You were excited when I told you I was pregnant, even made amends with my husband. Now you blame me for you not seeing your granddaughter. Besides seeing my daughter last week, you haven’t seen her since the beginning of December. Even so last week you never came up to us to try and see her. It is very sad you’re acting this way. My baby girl doesn’t deserve this. I would rather you not be in her life then come and go. You got mad that I moved to a small town 45 min away. Well I am grown up, and married. It is my life, if you even cared I would get a text or call asking how we are or how my baby is. But no, nothing. She is turning 1 next month, and I am debating on even inviting you . She doesnt even know who you are, do you know how that sounds. You blocking me on facebook, doesn’t make anything better either. You treat my other siblings way better then me. Why do you treat me this way? Was it because I wasn’t the healthiest growing up, or I decided to stay living with my mom and not move in with you? I think I am done with your nonsense and going to part ways . You think nothing’s your fault, it’s everyone else’s. Well, sorry to say but you are wrong. I shouldn’t have to always say oh we’re in town do you want to meet up its not a one way street. I have had enough of your ignorance, I don’t need your negativity in mine or my daughter’s life. It’s not worth it, I have gave you chance, after chance I have had enough. Goodbye, and good luck . 

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