Being an adult.

Being an adult is harder than I even thought it would be. When I was little my parents mad it look so easy, so I couldn’t wait to grow up. Now that I myself am an adult I wish I was a little girl again. Here I am 21 years old living on my own and paying my own bills. All I even do is go to my job and come home. Being 21 your suppose to be having fun. My fun includes going to work, coming home and finally relaxing on my couch watching my tv shows. All I’m ever worried about is how I’m going to be paying a bill ontime. It sucks. I am very proud of myself though. I started my job January 9th, 2015 as a cashier. I worked my ass off, went to work every day, went in when someone called off. Here I was working as many hours as a manager was. Well all that hard work paid off cause I am now an assistant manager. Now I have more responsibilities and more stress on my shoulders not with just work but my home life also. Here I am 21 years old, an assistant manager, living on my own, doing everything by myself and it is hard.Every week when I get paid I have to sit down and take out money for all my bills, rent, food, ect. and somehow I am still broke that same day. So yeah being an adult blows. So my advise to teenagers,enjoy being young and living at home. Even if you work save your money it adds up when you don’t have bills to pay. Do everything the right way instead of just jumping into something.

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