Lost my mind and can’t seem to find it

This past week I was put on affenel patch for my pain in my head, legs, thighs.  Instead of getting pain relief  I have become belligerent .  One of my trips to ER I was diognosed with an sinus infection .  I was given amoxicillin.  Also during this time I became a different person.  I have had was I was described as sundowners.  I have had a stroke, but no evidence that I had a stroke. Every doctors has said that they cannot find anything wrong with me. Today I go in to see Dr Ye, our family doctor @ 2;30 pm. I am not a violent person, but every episode seems to be getting worse. I need answers but all I get is no answers.  I have not hurt anyone yet and I want to keep it that way. I have put this on public to as many people who will listen will listen..  I have no short term memory.  Almost bought a new car car this week end .  That is another longer story. I’m going to take another nap

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