My husband

something horrible happened today. My husband has a drinking problem and he’s not even 20 yet. He drank a whole small bottle of brandy and attacked his dad and so I had to call the cops and they came and he started crying and telling them he will calm down so they asked him how much he drank and he said 5 shots which was a lie, and they asked if he did heroine and he said no I don’t mess with that. So then they handcuffed him and put him in the cop car. They got a statement from me and his dad talked with us a little more and 1 cop told me he has no contact order against his dad but not with me, so then they left and his dad gets a call saying he has a no contact order against me as well!!! Wtf he didn’t attack me why can’t I see him he’s my husband I love him. They are taking him to hospital to see what is in his system and from their going to see if he needs to go to a mental hospital. He really needs he help as much as it kills me that he isn’t here with me right now, I know there’s a better chance of him getting help rather then being with me and keep doing things like this. So I have to wait until august 5th which is the court date to see if I can get the no contact order dropped against me. This just isn’t fair but I guess everything happens for a reason, a reason I may not know right now but in the future I will know why it happened. I’m exhausted so I’m going to sleep now.

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