Catching up

It been a few days since I journal ed.   My legs are to weak to walk so I have been wheelchair bound. This morning I was able to stand for a little behind the walker for about a minute. I was able to sit on my walker and stand behind to do the dishes. I have no muscle to hold me up for very long.  My Doctor said that I need to be patient as most people recover in about a year from stroke like symptoms.  In September I get to get a nerve induction therapy in Grand Rapids. Frustrating. The tremors are getting worse.

Yesterday my daughter payed for Liz and I to get tattoos. Check out facebook.  My Father had the word VAN on his arm, so I had to do one better With VAN superimposed over the roman numeral II.  She also payed for us to get rings, and they are cool. Thank you Lindsey.

When earlier this week I went to the hospital they said it was stress and sent me home. Tuesday I went to DR. Ye who also said it was not stress but still gave no idea to what it is.  This time higher blood pressure went along with it.  In the afternoon they said it definitely was not stress related and suggested it might be something like Cellular Basillars. He not a medical doctor but suggested I should ask the brain clinic about it.  This can sometimes be the start of dementia.


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