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I thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of Jacob dressed as Tom Cruise in Top Gun for Halloween. He was not quite 3 years old when this was taken. As my first post noted, it seemed like only yesterday that he was a size 2 toddler. Nothing like a picture to capture “where did the time go?”
I had the pleasure of driving Jacob to Davenport University on July 31st for a football camp. Davenport is a small university near Grand Rapids and they are starting a football team in 2016. One of Davenport’s football coaches came to Traverse City when school was still in session and pulled Jacob out of class to invite him to their football camp. Since his Mom and Randy were out of town, I had the pleasure of driving Jacob down State to this camp. Jacob is able to drive but camp went from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM and granny hated to have him make the trip solo. In other words, granny saw a chance to have Jacob captured in a car and all to herself for a few hours. We had a wonderful time discussing music, movies and this and that. I was reminded once again how quickly grannies lose time as school, sports and work fill our place. So my advice is to grab any chance you get to spend time with your grandchildren. Or you will be plotting how to insert yourself as I did on July 31st. ):

I also want to share that Jacob’s Mom, Rachel, remarried on March 31, 2015 to Randy. Jacob decided to take his step-dad’s last name, and he legally changed his name to Steelman in May. This necessitates a new football poster and this task was delegated to me (who are we kidding – I volunteered last year and of course will also be making the new poster). The name is ripe for something along the line of Superman – Man of Steel, etc. I’m still at the drawing board stage so if you have suggestions, please feel free to share them. I will keep you posted on the poster. Bragging granny

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